Trump's Budget Could Hurt Wyoming Arts And Humanities

20 Mars, 2017, 20:36 | Auteur: Gerard Affre

At the ceremony he called art "a nation's most precious heritage".

Shock and dismay. That's the reaction in the Arts world to Trump's proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.

The $147.9 million budget of the National Endowment for the Arts makes up merely.004 percent of the federal budget.

"These are not huge grants - they're from $30,000 to $75,000 - but they have an enormous impact on their communities", Walker says.

After political battles over the endowments in the late 1980s and 1990s, both agencies created programs and provided grants to more artists and scholars in politically conservative parts of the country, like a rural arts initiative that benefited states like Alabama and North Dakota. Programs, such as Blue Star Museums, offer free admission to the families of active-duty military personnel. And Cambria County - home to the headquarters of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA), Cresson Lake Playhouse (CLP) and the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance (PRAA), all in Loretto, along with several art centers in Johnstown -got $176,091.

"It's just such a broad array", Anderson said.

"This is the "public comment" period right now for people", Mckay said.

Shannon Smith is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Humanities Council, a non-profit and the state's affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, or the NEH. The estimate includes grants from the NEA, NEH and CPB, as well as the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the last of which funnels money to, obviously, museums and libraries. Mr. Buchanan - who once described the arts agency as "the upholstered playpen of the arts and crafts auxiliary of the Eastern liberal establishment" - said that he gave President Trump credit for trying to eliminate it, but that its demise was far from assured.

"Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts have afforded LGBTQ writers the time and freedom to take risks and small presses the opportunity to publish work that otherwise may have never found an audience".

"We reach nearly every county", Cinda Holt, the council's interim co-director, said. Under the president's proposal, funding for the NEA would be eliminated.

The Academy "will ask Congress to maintain funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and renew our commitment to America's creators", Portnow added.

"Philanthropic giving in the United States is disproportional", he said.

According to the council's website, Missoula program partnerships alone received about $45,000 from the council, as well as around $20,000 for Artists in Schools and Communities programming in 2017. Holt said. "That would be the broad-stroke sample".

In New Jersey, NEH funding has represented populations and topics as diverse as the state, and played a vital role in fostering our vibrant communities and civic engagement. In the past two fiscal years, Durham has received $458,000 in NEA funding, DeVries stated.

The International Choral Festival, which is held every three years in Missoula, has received $10,000-15,000 grants five times in a row since 2003, for every event it puts on.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting now receives $485 million a year. In 2016, the NEA's $148 million made up only 0.003 percent of the federal budget.

"There's a whole funding ecosystem that's going to be disrupted if all these funding sources go away", said Greg Laikos, spokesman for the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Michael Grynbaum and Ben Sisario milked the budget scenario for all the drama it had in "Public Broadcasters Fear a 'Collapse.'".

Across Maine, Anderson said, librarians are showing "so much energy and creativity" in ensuring their institutions serve as "a central point for the town" that partnering with them to help is especially rewarding. Don't Cut Me, a pun on the popular quiz show "Wait Wait ..." Grossman said he was "encouraged by their understanding of the value of these programs". "The arts and the humanities belong to the people, for it is after all, the people who create them".

Montana PBS has already linked to an online petition "Protect My Public Media" on their website in response to the proposed cuts.

"We've been zeroed out before; (former Speaker of the House) Newt Gingrich zeroed us out", he said. "But we also take the threats very seriously".