This is How Google is Killing Intrusive Apps in Android

14 Juillet, 2017, 17:58 | Auteur: Christian Jacquard
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This is set to change, with Google reportedly emailing gambling firms and app developers including Andrew Daniels, managing director of UK based tech company Degree 53 advising them of a change to the rules.

As part of our continued effort to offer new experiences on Google Play, we're experimenting with rolling out real money gambling apps in select markets over the next few weeks that ensures user safety and complies with local laws.

The iPhone turned 10 years old this year, which makes it a full 10 years that I've never owned one - but I'm finally ready to take the leap.

As the world's dominant mobile platform holding approximately 50% of the smartphone market, Google's Android operating system not equipped with real-money gambling capabilities like its rival Apple's iOS due to the general Google policy ban. For example, if Google is looking through a group of photo editing apps it would sort out apps that require irrelevant permissions such as accessing microphone or location service since there is no for such an app to access a smartphone's microphone or location.

"Our approach uses deep learning of vector embeddings to identify peer groups of apps with similar functionality, using app metadata, such as text descriptions, and user metrics, such as installs", wrote Google's security team. These terms and conditions may soon change following this recent announcement by Google.

At the same time, developers can benefit by asking for extra privileges, and often face little resistance from users who tend to grant requests without fully understanding their implications. Contract phone plans aren't quite as popular there as they are in the U.S., and so I'm used to buying phones at full price. While users in Singapore, South Korea and Japan played mobile games for around 80 minutes a day, Australians devoted only 30 minutes to this pastime. Tools (five), communications and productivity (four each) apps were top of the list for Android.

Google will cause tremendous damage to people's lives if they allow real-cash gambling apps to go on sale on Google play.