Decoding the artistic references in Beyoncé's gorgeous birth announcement for her twins

15 Juillet, 2017, 17:08 | Auteur: Gerard Affre
  • Beyonce Twins Sir and Rumi

This is thought to be Beyoncé's first public outing since giving birth to the twins last month and her outfit is the centre of attention.

Jim Smeal/WireImageIn case you haven't noticed, Beyoncé has officially introduced twin babies Sir Carter and Rumi to the world in an epic Instagram photo.

The photo used the same rose backdrop as the photo she used to announce that she was pregnant with the twins, and showed her wearing a veil and draped in floral fabric, holding Sir Carter and Rumi in her arms.

On Thursday evening the singer with her husband, rapper Jay Z has visited Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles, where they attended a listening session the rapper Vic Mensa (Vic Mensa). The blue veil is still heavily reminiscent of Renaissance portraits of the Madonna and child, but the robe ups the resemblance - and now that Rumi and Sir Carter are here, Beyoncé's pose echoes images of the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus even more strongly. No need to thank us, unless there's concert tickets on offer. That's the kind of masterful manipulation of imagery that makes Beyoncé one of our most iconic stars. Took me too long for this song.

Appearing to liken his rhyming skills to the literary tradition, Jay-Z raps, "Sufi to the goofies / I could probably speak Farsi". It does not happen every night, but there are nights that I wake up drenched in sweat.

"She will never know what it's like to have twins all day every day".

"I think we'll look back at this period as utterly perverse".

Meanwhile, Mathew's Instagram message is much simpler. Check out the posts here. The image was just so unrealistic and photo shopped. Others wondered about the gender of the babies.