Her Story creator reveals new game will be called Telling Lies

15 Juillet, 2017, 16:31 | Auteur: Christian Jacquard
  • Sam Barlow

Her Story creator Sam Barlow is teaming up with Annapurna Pictures' game division, Annapurna Interactive, for his newest project Telling Lies. Barlow and Annapurna Interactive, the game's publisher, hope to cast Hollywood talent in the new game, which he's currently in the process of scripting.

However with the help from Annapurna Interactive, which will handle the game's live-action video component, Telling Lies promises to be more ambitious and contain higher production values. He's not keen to share too many details on the game just yet, but has said it's "in the vein of a political thriller with three to four key characters". The 1970s, he added, "were such a golden age [for] exploring the intersection of government, society and individuals", suggesting that Telling Lies could bear a similar aesthetic.

Barlow took the gaming world completely by surprise in 2015, blending keyword-based investigation with hours of compelling live-action video interviews.

As well as new characters, this one will jump across multiple locations.

He added, "We have an audience for crime fiction, super-intelligent, [that] by the time they hit adolescence have been exposed to so much storytelling". Should we expect espionage, murder, and sexual deviancy? "It will create a very different experience than 60-minute TV show".