Meet Harvey & Irma: Washington couple celebrating 75 years of marriage

10 Septembre, 2017, 15:59 | Auteur: Lucien Wathelet
  • Meet Harvey & Irma: Washington couple celebrating 75 years of marriage

- A couple married for 75 years is gaining fame all because they have the same first names as the recent hurricanes.

Given the ferocity of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, this will probably be the first and last time the names appear in tandem.

The latest snapshot on inflation, what's more, could show a marked increase in August and beyond.

The storms caused tremendous damage, forced thousands of businesses to close and compelled millions of people flee their homes. But in 2011, Hurricane Irene pummeled the Caribbean and many cities on the East Coast, so that name was retired. So, I didn't believe them.

This pattern of loss of glaciers, warming ocean surface and devastation of the boreal forest all point to one overlying trend and that is the fact that the earth is warming up.

Six lists of men's and women's names are used in rotation to name storms, with names of the hardest-hitting, most fatale and memorable storms retired after impact.

Sure! Those things are indeed very important right now!

The couple lives in Spokane, Washington-far from hurricanes.

Harvey and Irma Schluter are aged 104 and 93 respectively and have been married for 75 years. The next Hurricane will be called Hurricane Jose and the one after that will be Hurricane Katia.

The couple have dodged a few hurricanes in their day while traveling the country, but nothing like what they expect the people of the southeast and in Texas are going through.

For this reason Harvey, which has been the name for six other storms since 1981, popped up again this year.

Harvey owned a barber shop in downtown Hillyard at the intersection of Market and Queen for years.

When Harvey and Irma were born, in the early 20th century, radio was a new invention and cable television was decades away.

But while this naming fluke may seem coincidental, there's a method to the madness.

Irma - a stay-at-mother to foster children throughout her life - said she can't remember ever being badly affected by extreme weather.

We need to recognize climate change and global warming and governments must develop incentives to develop alternate energy sources as well as tax the energy sources that create carbon.