Hillary Clinton Kicks Off National Book Tour in DC

17 Septembre, 2017, 17:11 | Auteur: Phil Beauvilliers
  • Columbia University Trump campaign

In an interview Sunday in advance of this week's release, Mrs. Clinton did offer this news, as The Washington Post recapped: Former secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that she will not pursue the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. She's imperious, entitled, and thinks she's owed the presidency because she stayed with Bubba when he publicly humiliated her.

She's mildly critical of former President Obama for not saying more about Russian meddling in the run-up to the election.

One is the savaging of her reputation by an updated version of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" she accused, with some justification, of smearing her and her husband in the 1990s-including radical conservative donors, fake-news peddlers and Russian hackers and their internet bots, all egged on, wittingly or not, by a Republican candidate who "trafficked in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet".

For the full list of dates, locations and tickets for "What Happened" across the country, go to Clinton's book tour website.

Trump denied at a rally shortly after the debate that he tried to stalk Clinton during the debate. Hillary Clinton, despite all his acumen political, has not understood something as basic as that "politics is entertainment for ugly people". It was decided by partisanship and internet-borne misinformation-the enabling environment and means by which Mr Trump and his proxies destroyed Mrs Clinton. One second it's Matt Lauer's fault. In July, a male GOP lawmaker challenged two female lawmakers who voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act to a duel. Out canvassing in leafy suburbs, Mrs Clinton's supporters were politely assured their candidate "had killed someone, sold drugs and committed any number of unreported crimes". We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.

It takes an extraordinary leap of one's imagination to find any way that the media helped Trump.

And, finally, she opened up about why losing to Donald Trump was the last thing she ever expected to happen. While many Democrats would argue President Trump undid all of this progress, Democrats themselves may never even get to that point.

The ongoing internal civil war that will not die may prevent this. But that is harder to quantify; in fact, in the rustbelt states where she is thought to have lost the election, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she polled well on economic issues. The caricatures, no matter how ill-founded, became nailed into popular consciousness.

Her ode to her presidential fate is titled "What Happened" and Mrs. Clinton, it seems, will be everywhere this week to promote it.

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. Yet nearly 66 million stood by her, many of whom remain intensely devoted supporters. No wonder the Democrats, the pundits, and the voters themselves are so eager to disown their own complicity and to cast Clinton as the sole cause of our present situation. "I'd like to see us move beyond it, yes".

Russians again: "I think it's probably - bigger than Watergate because it is about the future".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that sports anchor Jemele Hill could justifiably be fired from ESPN for tweets calling President Donald Trump a "white supremacist" and "a bigot". When newspaper 'USA Today' he asked, on occasion of controversy over possible collusion of campaign of Trump with Government of Vladimir Putin, replied: "I Am convinced of it".