Why did Russia interfere in the election? Putin wanted Hillary to lose

17 Septembre, 2017, 23:11 | Auteur: Phil Beauvilliers
  • Hillary Clinton is honored at a Children's Defense Fund event for her contributions and dedication to child advocacy at the Newseum in Washington D.C

But when is the right time to hear from her?

Democrats faced soul searching similar to Republicans after Mitt Romney failed to stop the second term of former President Barack Obama. "The old boys' club in my opinion gets you in, and once you're out, it lifts you up", she said. The only one standing up is me.

Indeed, in 2014, a year before she announced her intention to run for president, a Times/CBS News poll reported that 82% of Democrats favored her over either Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, and John McCain told CNN that "if the election were held tomorrow, Hillary Clinton would most likely be the President".

"[Putin] wanted her to lose and him to win?", Conaway asked.

In response, Sanders told Stephen Colbert that he wasn't really concerned about Hillary's comments.

"I think it needs to be eliminated", Clinton says clear as day in the interview.

"The new iPhone is pretty incredible".

Yet Clinton, as ever, doesn't fit neatly into any category. The violence erupted at a rally to protest the decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Clinton has said she takes "responsibility for all" her campaign's mistakes. The fact that she readily did this for millions of viewers or the fact that she took herself completely seriously the entire time.

In the book, Clinton is unsparing in her assessment of the president. "She lost the debates and lost her direction", Trump tweeted.

I'm beginning to think that Hillary Clinton could literally tell people to switch parties and vote for a different candidate and they would. It surveyed 2,000 registered voters online.

But at the same time, there have also been broad periods in her recent political career - strikingly, when she was elected (twice) to serve as a US senator from New York, and then appointed Secretary of State - when her approval ratings were dazzlingly high. Overall, 74 percent thought at least one of those roles was acceptable; 26 percent said she should play all those roles, and 15 percent vetoed all those activities. For example, the Russians are still messing with our democracy. But there were some interesting outliers. He went on to accuse Clinton of being the "chief proponent and architect" of the military intervention in Libya, which he claimed had created instability throughout the region and the refugee crisis in Europe.

On Wednesday night, over ten months after winning the Presidential Election, Donald Trump decided to bash his former opponent Hillary Clinton on Twitter. So should we be surprised to see them surface yet again in reaction to her book? It's caused a bit of a stir with those in the left, with some saying pointing the finger at Bernie is misguided. "We no longer are worried about spies and provocateurs, dressed in black with gloves, breaking into an office and stealing information".

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She attached a photograph of her inspirational 1996 book, It Takes a Village - which depicts her hope for the bright future of children in America - and thoughtfully said, "Happy to send a copy".