Vegas Police Respond to Reports of Shooter at Casino

07 Octobre, 2017, 01:41 | Auteur: Nathanaël Gerin
  • Courtesy of AP

A lifelong advocate for the right to bear arms, Keeter said his harrowing night in Las Vegas had completely changed his mind, and delivered an urgent plea for tougher gun laws in the US.

The shooting has sparked a widespread movement of the crowd and scenes of panic among the audience of the concert and in the city of Nevada, known for its casinos and its luxury hotels.

Assistant sheriff Todd Fasulo said Paddock had 23 guns, some with scopes, in his hotel room.

Lombardo said authorities at the gunman's home found more than 18 guns as well as explosives and "several thousand rounds of ammo", along with unspecified electronic devices they were evaluating.

While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack and said that Stephen had recently converted to Islam, the local police and the FBI have disputed the claim explaining that the connection between Stephen and the terror group isn't clear yet.

Paddock, who went by multiple aliases such as Perry Archer, Benjamin J. Butler, Leo Genstein and Big Daddy, attempted to run over police officers with his vehicle during his arrest.

He told the Orlando Sentinel: "We are completely dumbfounded".

Donald Trump has said the attack was 'an act of pure evil'.

Additionally, Lombardo said all but three of the deceased victims have been identified.

The Route 91 Harvest Festival bills itself as "three days of country music on the Vegas Strip", and Sunday night's performance was the last of the festival.

Connie McCain, 69, of Henderson, Nevada, said she remembered the 64-year-old shooter as a 'very nice man' but lost touch with him in recent years.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called it an "appalling attack". There's just nothing. We have nothing to give you.

Travellers were left in limbo as services into McCarran Airport were either cancelled or diverted to other airports in the US and Canada.

She said she had no inkling of his murderous plans. Shortly before midnight the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that "one suspect is down", and soon thereafter the police said they did not believe there were any more active gunmen. "First and foremost, thank you to the first responders".

They were too late. "An example might be to know from your seat (in a theater or arena) of a closed-off area you could get to quickly".

Repeated volleys of gunshots continue while police take positions behind the wall and order bystanders to get away.

Interstate 15 was briefly closed, and flights at McCarran International Airport were suspended.

People flattened on the grass.

Another of the performers on the bill at the festival, country guitarist Caleb Keeter, issued a remarkable open letter after surviving the shooting.

"I hope everyone understands why we can't play this weekend and I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed", Aldean, 40, continued. "And it always has".

The attack, now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, came from the 32nd floor balcony of a Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel room.