Gunman once fled mental health center, threatened superiors

08 Novembre, 2017, 21:50 | Auteur: Phil Beauvilliers
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The report also disclosed that police who were alerted to Devin Kelley's escape were advised that he posed a "danger to himself and others" after being "caught sneaking firearms" onto the U.S. Air Force base in New Mexico where he was stationed.

While in the military, Kelley, who was 21 at the time, made death threats against superior officers, according to the June 2012 report, which also mentioned the military charges.

Kelley purchased four weapons after his conviction and sentence, two in Colorado and two in Texas.

The Air Force has admitted it failed to properly report Kelley's past crimes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, documentation that would have blocked him from being able to purchase a firearm.

President Donald Trump, facing renewed questions on the gun control issue at a news conference in Seoul, once again asserted it was not a question of strong gun laws, pointing to the fact that gunman Kelley would have carried on with the massacre if he had not been challenged by a "very brave" armed resident of local community.

According to NPR, Kelley was arrested in 2012 and "was court-martialed for assaulting his then-wife and stepson".

Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas said in a statement that the air force should not be left to self-police after the incident, reported Reuters. Deputies were called to the same house in February 2014 to investigate a domestic violence report involving Kelley and Danielle Shields, his girlfriend at the time, whom he married two months later.

Kelley's troubled air force background has been a focus of investigators in the tiny Texas town of Sutherland Springs since he stormed into a church there on Sunday with a semiautomatic assault rifle and opened fire on worshipers. Texas's Republican Governor Greg Abbott told CBS News there was evidence that Kelley had mental health problems and had been denied a state gun permit.

The authorities have said that Kelley's rampage may have stemmed from a "domestic situation" and that he sent threatening texts to his mother-in-law.