Iran Ambassador Claims 'Hard Evidence' Protests Are Directed From Abroad

14 Janvier, 2018, 02:35 | Auteur: Phil Beauvilliers
  • Zarif slams Trump over expression of “respect” for Iranians

Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo said his country has evidence that the protests were "very clearly" directed by foreign powers and criticized the US for abusing its power as a member of the Council.

Human Rights Watch describes Iran as one of the world's biggest jailers of journalists, bloggers and social media activists.

Mr Jafari said the pro-government rallies marked an end to protests that he said "were a maximum of 1,500 people in each place, and the number of troublemakers did not exceed 15,000 people nationwide".

It's a moment that calls for a smart U.S. diplomatic strategy, not hypocritical Trump tweets.

Parliament spokesman Behrouz Nemati said MPs and security officials had decided that Telegram restrictions should be lifted only after the app committed to ban "hostile, anti-Iranian channels that promote unrest", state television reported.

He also reminded Washington of its own history of cracking down on protests. It only strengthens the regime by letting it blame America and Israel for the country's economic problems.

Months before the protests started in Iran, the president predicted that the days of the Iranian regime were numbered.

His Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted to say that the Security Council had "rebuffed the US' naked attempt to hijack its mandate". Check out the inimitable Carnegie Endowment fellow Karim Sadjadpour @ksadjadpour; intrepid Iranian-born journalists Maziar Bahari @maziarbahari, Farnaz Fassihi @farnazfassihi, and Borzou Daragahi @borzou; the Brookings Institution's Suzanne Maloney @MaloneySuzanne; and human-rights activist Gissou Nia @GissouNia.

According to the authorities, more than 90% of those arrested in the last 10 days are under the age of 25. Tehran's Friday prayer leaders called on authorities to deal "firmly" with those responsible for igniting the protests. On Thursday, the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned five Iran-based entities related to a key elements of Iran's ballistic missile program, which U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Iranian regime "prioritizes over the economic well-being of the Iranian people".

In a state-sponsored show of force aimed at countering the outpouring of dissent, thousands of Iranians earlier took part in pro-government rallies in several cities. But the anger went deeper than that, and quickly turned into a protest against the Islamic regime in general.

But Russia and Iran complained that the U.S. was dragging the U.N.'s most powerful body into what they called a domestic matter.

The gathering, at Lafayette Park, across from the White House, was organized by the Organization of the Iranian American Communities.

"One of the issues addressed by deputies and the parliament speaker was that of detained students, and it was decided that the Intelligence Ministry would vigorously pursue this and submit a report by next week", said Nemati, quoted by IRNA. Now this common enemy is deemed to be defeated militarily, although it is likely to reappear in a different form.

The EU is showing obvious signs of sincere concern as the issue ever grows. This poses a direct threat to Israel, and indirectly to Saudi Arabia and the U.S. -backed Sunni coalition.

With the world focused on the repressive, destabilizing nature of the Iranian regime, the Trump administration would be idiotic to shift the subject to the Iran nuclear agreement. His 2018 budget raises fuel prices and cuts subsidies on food while increasing funds for the military and wealthy clerical institutions. Some demonstrators have called for the government's overthrow.

A total of 21 people have died in the unrest, with protesters attacking government buildings and police stations in some areas. The difference is that they "don't agree with some of the violent methods used as they are afraid it may destabilize the country". We have been in touch with the Iranian authorities.

"We obviously regret the loss of life as the result of demonstrations that weren't so peaceful", Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council.